AI translation service “DeepL Translator” added to LifeLang’s translation engine



LifeLang uses “Google Cloud Translation” as its translation engine.


This time, we added “DeepL Translator” ( provided by DeepL GmbH in Germany to the translation engine.


LifeLang subscribers can select and use Google Translation or DeepL Translator when creating a translated document.



[About DeepL translator]


DeepL Translator is a machine translation engine developed by DeepL, a company based in Cologne, Germany.


DeepL translator was released for free on the Internet from the summer of 2017, and its high translation accuracy became a hot topic.


According to a site that publishes a comparison of translation engines, DeepL translation is rated as being able to deliver better quality translations than Amazon and Google.


The DeepL translation paid service was previously only available in Europe, but it has been available in North America on May 4, 2020, and has also been available in Japan on June 16, 2020.