How to post in multiple languages ​​on Facebook and Twitter


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Facebook has the ability to post in multiple languages. Here’s how to do it...

LifeLang feature introduction


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LifeLang has many features, including translation. Here is a brief introduction to its features....

Back-translation procedure


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In “About back-translation”, I explained “What is back-translation” and “LifeLang’s back-translation Function”. Here, the execution procedure of “back-translation” and “back-translation (2 languages)” using LifeLang is explained...

About back-translation


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One of the features of LifeLang is the “back-translation” function. This is a helper function for more accurate translation....

About LifeLang


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LifeLang is a web service that has functions specialized in multilingual translation in addition to basic document management such as creating, editing, saving, and displaying change history....