How to post in multiple languages ​​on Facebook and Twitter


User's Guide

Facebook has the ability to post in multiple languages. Here’s how to do it.*


* At the time of writing, it was not possible to post in multiple languages from the new Facebook UI.


If you are using the new Facebook UI, change to the classic Facebook UI.



Change the setting of “Multilingual posts” in the settings to “On”.



Create a post. “Write post in another language” is displayed in the lower right of the field.



Click it to display the language selection.



Select the language to post.



If you’re posting in multiple languages, repeat it.



If you click the post button to post, it will be posted in multiple languages.



If you set the Facebook language to the posted language and display the post, the posted content in that language will be displayed.




Twitter does not have the ability to post in multiple languages like Facebook.*


* At the time of writing


On Twitter, we create sentences in each language and tweet them separately.