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LifeLang is a “Document Translation Management Service”.





LifeLang is a web service that has functions specialized in multilingual translation in addition to basic document management such as creating, editing, saving, and displaying change history.


Do you think that English is sufficient for sending information overseas? Of course, English may be said to be a world standard language. But do you often read English articles and blogs? Most of the text you read is in your native language.


The same is true for people outside your country. In many countries, native language texts are preferred over English texts. If you really want to send out information that reaches the world, it is best to send it out in the language of that country.


LifeLang is the perfect service for fast and accurate multilingual translation. Let’s spread your words in the world.




Adopt Google Cloud Translation as translation engine


The translation engine uses Google’s Cloud Translation API, which is constantly evolving. You can directly benefit from Google’s machine learning to improve translation accuracy. Currently, it supports 109 languages ​​around the world.


Improvement of translation accuracy by back-translation


Back-translation means retranslating the translated text back into the original language. By comparing the original sentence and the retranslated sentence, you can check for obvious mistranslations. As a result, posting to highly public media can be done with confidence.


Glossary for efficient translation


By creating a translation glossary (lexicon), you can standardize the translation of specific words. It is especially effective for writing sentences in fields with many technical terms, and can improve the efficiency of translation work compared to manual correction.


Post function to social media


Documents can be posted to SNS and CMS in simple steps(currently, the only SNS that can post directly is Twtter). In addition to copying plain text, it has a copy function for HTML, so you can copy and paste the text created for posting as it is.




There are four plans: Free, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Enterprise plan can be customized for pricing and specifications.


First of all, why not start with a free plan?